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District of Kokořín is due to its beauty and a lot of interesting places very attractive place to visit. Prominent landmarks are sandstone rocks with towers, cities and other structures made of stone as well as numerous caves, pine forests and romantic valleys. Pšovka creeks run through the main valleys and create numerous pools. This exceptional landscape also comprises traditional folk architecture - one-storey timbered houses from 18th - 19th centuries as well as architectural reserves in several villages.


Pension offers accommodation for those who are looking for a quiet private place. It provides plentiful number of opportunities to spend active holidays in particular walking tours through the country or on tourists´ paths. Visitors to this region are attracted by the romantic sandstone rocks Pokličky(Lids) and Bludiště (Labyrinth). The most famous historical places to see are Kokořín castle and the Houska castle - both are in 10 km surroundings.

The enchanting landscape of Kokořínsko proves to be a highly popular area for cycling. There are many opportunities for cycling on signed hiking trails and cycling routes. Furthermore, mountain biking is another sport activity to enjoy there. There are plenty of off-roads over rough terrain and steep ascend, all in very attractive scenes of nature.

In summer time visitors can pick forest berries especially blueberries together with mushrooms.

For swimming you can enjoy pond Harasov or Mšeno open-air spa, natural lake in Nedamov u Dube and Machovo lake close to Doksy.

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